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Our Story of Crafting 100% Natural Vitamins

Pure berries, prepared to unleash their highest potency. Picked by locals from Nordic forests.

The anti oxidising efficiency of berries is said to be greater than  any other plant source. The Nordic nature sets the scene for exceptionally bioactive compounds as vitamins and polyphenols due to the long summer days and cool temperature. This is where MUSS sources their purest ingredients.

MUSS takes up the task to extract and maintain the highest potency for the their ingredients: 



The purity of soil and air are imperative for the extract to have the highest quality mark.

This is why our Berries have been harvested in clean Nordic forests, swamps, meadows and silos. 

The process of extraction is organised with the greatest delicacy to bring to you the pure essence of the wild vigor. This is why our berries are meticulously selected, frozen and dried with particular care.

No enzymatic or chemical breakdown, no preservatives, no “fillers” used! 100% active ingredients only.

Only biological berries, vitamins and minerals. Only valuable ingredients. Working together with specialists - each formulation is balanced to bring you exactly what is needed for your well-being at the moment



Throughout selection and extraction MUSS has created the most potent extracts for your energy and health and made it easy for your daily use. 

  1. simple to use
  2. daily doses 
  3. filled in vegan friendly capsules.

Blueberry, lingonberry, cranberry and sea buckthorn are the star berries we have chosen for holistic well-being support in your home!